Those Who Fear Wearing Dentures

Although current dentistry techniques aim to minimize pain, it is not uncommon for people to have a phobia of seeing the dentist. Most individuals fear needles, drilling, and a few other operations. Still, a small percentage of people are deathly afraid of having dentures or other foreign objects put in their mouths. The anxiety of what might occur once the dentures are fitted and inserted casts a shadow over the entire experience of sitting in the dentist’s chair in the first place. Because of this anxiety, many people live with rotten, broken, or missing teeth.

What might surprise you is that having dentures in the mouth is not the only thing that causes fear. Some individuals are so gripped by their phobia that they cannot even enter a room where dentures might be on exhibit. Some kind of treatment is available for this crippling phobia, which can be mentally and physically disabling. Although some may view dental implants as the ideal replacement, most patients are given a denture to wear for the three months necessary for healing before returning and having the permanent Crowns put into the Implants. In these situations, individuals anxious about wearing dentures or having foreign items in their mouths are discouraged from getting implants. Other choices are available that seem ideal for people who are afraid of dentures, with two proving to be particularly successful.

Overcoming Dental Phobia: Innovative Solutions for Denture Anxiety

The first choices involve some travel, but the reward is worth the extra work. A 7-day journey to Turkey is necessary for implants and porcelain-fixed temporary teeth. Many consider this a chance to take a vacation and unwind while simultaneously getting the essential dental work done. The porcelain crowns or dental bridges must be firmly attached to the implants at a second visit that must be made three months after the first one. These differ from dentures in that they appear and feel more natural.

The second choice—Immediate Loading Implants—is slightly more expensive than the previously discussed conventional implants. However, the total price is still roughly 60% less than what you would typically pay in most other countries in Europe, the UK, and the US. A 14-day visit is necessary to complete the work when using this specific approach for Permanent Dental Crowns or Bridges, which adds a little extra time commitment. Nobel Biocare ACTIVE, a product line created exclusively for operations involving the quick loading of prostheses, is the name of the brand utilized in this method.

Dental Centre Turkey Marmaris

Though it may not be widely acknowledged, there is a genuine dread associated with dentures. If you fit that description and are worried about the condition of your teeth right now, you should seriously consider the two possibilities mentioned above. To learn more, call Marmaris Dental Centre Turkey right away.