Can you get your teeth done in Marmaris?

Marmaris’s modern dental Clinic is a top-quality dental practice and has an independent license as an accredited Dental Centre. It is widely regarded as one of Turkey’s most prestigious Private dental centers. Many patients who plan more extensive procedures like Smile Makeover or Dental Facelifts, including famous TV stars, visit the prestigious Clinic in Marmaris for treatment.

The Clinic located in Marmaris is classified as Dental Centre. It is licensed and monitored under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Marmaris Dental centers are considered to be of a higher quality than a regular dental clinic. Many dental clinics use the name VIP and Marmaris Dental Centre; however, there aren’t any extra services or facilities available on the premises, and there is no registration as the Marmaris Dental Centre that warrants that they use the name. Legally licensed dental centers can offer a wider selection of services and facilities that a normal policlinic private clinic. In case of doubt, the patient should inquire about the full name of the registered clinic. The name could contain Poliklinik (which can be described as a common dentistry facility) or this Saglik-Merkezi (a Dental Centre). In essence, most dental clinics in Turkey include those that claim to be boutique clinics or are licensed as polyclinics are small and not legally qualified to offer the services that a Marmaris Dental Centre is licensed to offer. A Dental Centre comes with the advantage of having an experienced and knowledgeable dental team and the most advanced dental equipment, such as an entire on-site laboratory. This dental facility is incredibly modern and equipped with the latest technology, found in London’s Harley Street and other high-end dental clinics.

The Clinic located in Marmaris comes with a 3D Tomography system that allows Oral Surgeons to plan Dental Implants with great precision and, in some instances, Guided Surgery (also referred to as implants that do not require surgery). Dental Veneers and Crowns can be made on-site using our software for designing smiles and CAD technology called CAM. Gives you complete control over the final product and ensures that you have the smile you’ve always wanted. A lot of patients bring a photo of a smile they like. The dental team will replicate the look or tweak the design to make minor adjustments based on your preferences. Also enables the skilled team to finish an entire smile Makeover within 3-To 4 days. So if you’re in a tight time frame, it is possible to be certain that the clinics can accommodate top-quality treatments within the shortest amount of time due to the advanced technology at the Clinic’s premises. The VIP Clinic has invested a significant amount in dental technology. The equipment is sourced only from top-quality manufacturers and suppliers like Sirona and Ivoclar Vivadent. Drills that are specially designed and brought in from Austria can be used to guarantee the highest level of security in preparing teeth. Panoramic X-rays and 3D Tomography are used whenever necessary to enhance the precision of planning treatment. An Invisiontec Vida Model 3D printer for Dental Practice is used to scan 3D the mouth of the patient to create a precise replica that can be used to create Mock-Up Design Scenarios and dental impressions, if needed, like for dentures and surgical guides for guided Implant surgery.

One of the benefits of having a certified Marmaris Dental Center is the provision of a fully-equipped on-site clinic laboratory equipped with highly skilled Dental Technicians with years of expertise. The VIP clinic located in Marmaris is where you can find some of the most advanced dental equipment available in the world. The on-site lab employs 10 Dental Technicians who are certified to create and manufacture dental restorations, such as Veneers and Crowns. The fact that the Clinic is a Marmaris Dental Centre allows the Clinic to maintain complete control on the quality of the materials used for dental treatments and assures the highest degree of expertise is employed to create the restorations. Suppose you are considering the location for your dental procedure. In that case, It is essential to keep in mind that a Dentist usually only has to make teeth to be restored or perform complete restorative or cosmetic dentistry, which is only a small portion of the total treatment. The creation of custom-designed restorations to meet the patient’s needs in terms of precision of function, fit, and aesthetics is the work of a trained and highly skilled Dental Technician. The Clinic is equipped with a skilled team of cosmetic dentists who work with dental Technicians to ensure that the patient’s final result is attained. This Marmaris Dental Centre in Marmaris is home to three fully trained oral Surgeons who are experienced and proficient in more advanced procedures like surgical Extractions and Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting, and Bone Grafting. Guarantees that any general dentist places the placement of a Dental Implant, or any dental procedure is carried out by anyone, not a fully trained Oral Surgeon. The VIP clinic has been recognized as the leading supplier for e.max implants in Turkey, as confirmed through Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max).

The dental Clinic with VIP status located in Marmaris is highly regarded by those seeking a superior level of service. They have a massive dental team, including Cosmetic dentists, dental specialists, Dental Nurses, Oral Surgeons, Dental Technicians, and Patient Coordinators. If you’d like to take a relative or friend along to the dentist, The tea and coffee are complimentary! The Clinic features a huge reception area that includes free internet, TV, and comfy sofas. If you’re nervous and prefer someone from your family or a person to accompany you to the room for treatment, there are comfortable chairs in the area as well. All Dentists and Surgeons have membership in the Turkish Dental Association, and the team is fluent in English with a large amount of experience in interacting with patients from around the world every day about the dental options they have available to improve your smile. Patient Coordinators are in touch to go over all aspects of the treatment you are receiving and offer information regarding the local area of Marmaris. The clinic team is committed to giving dental care with a personal approach and will allow longer appointments instead of the usual, allowing you to discuss your concerns and feel confident in making the best decision regarding your dental care.

The Clinic also offers a complimentary pickup service back from your hotel and back to each appointment. Gives you more time to enjoy the stunning holiday resort Marmaris. Suppose you’re in search of an established and reputable dental clinic that has a track record of success for excellence in dentistry. In that case, this Clinic provides a top-quality experience under the supervision of an experienced dental team. Check out the testimonials of patients, and photos of before and after are a great way of showing the accomplishments in the realm of excellence in dentistry.

Marmaris Dental Center cleverly created the VIP clinic to offer patients a tranquil environment, with bright, spacious rooms, an aesthetically pleasing color scheme, and plants. Our Clinic put a huge investment into ensuring that the Clinic can have its own distinct identity while adhering to the same principles: the customer experience is at the heart of all the Clinic’s activities. The Clinic is an on-site, fully-serviced refreshment center under the Freshpegs(r) brand. It provides a variety of specially crafted drinks exclusive to visitors at the facility. The Clinic has an outdoor area beyond the luxurious terrace where patients can unwind in the shade of an ancient olive tree from the past century. It is a distinctive Mediterranean setting that is comfortable with al-fresco seating and personnel on hand to attend to all your needs. Every aspect has been thought of to ensure that a visit by a patient is unlike any other appointment. If you’re thinking about the possibility of having dental treatment in Turkey or considering treatments at Marmaris specifically, contact us right now.