Why Turkey

Turkey is a transcontinental nation located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The Turks are one of the most friendly people you’ll meet, and it’s an accepted practice to be served an iced teacup of Turkish tea while shopping. Every area offers the children a safe space to enjoy playing. Turkey is the ideal destination for a family vacation.
The beaches of Turkey are among the finest in the world. Four hundred forty-four beaches are blue flag-certified, the second-highest of 50 countries. Additionally, Turkey has 21 marinas that have been given the blue flag designation. Its Turkish Rivera is lined with stunning coastlines and provides amazing scenery and days, taking in the views and relaxing. The temperatures are scorching hot during summer, and winter is mild, with an average resort offering more than 300 sunny days each year.

Turkey offers many options for visitors with a wide range of day trips to choose from, including but not only: every kind of water sport, jeep safaris, horse riding, boat cruises, paragliding, white water rafting, and quad biking.

Shopping can be a great way to purchase authentic items; carpets, rugs, as well as lights are amongst the most sought-after items as well; shopping is enjoyable as you don’t have to purchase the price you were originally offered, and you will spend a lot of time bargaining when you are presented with. Unlimited coffee! Alongside authentic gifts offered in all areas of the world, You can also find designer counterfeits, such as bags, watches, wallets, belts, clothing, and watches for sale at very affordable prices.

If you’re a historian enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed by Turkey’s offerings. Turkey has a history that goes all the way to 7500 BC, and 70 percent of Greek archaeology can be located within the borders of Turkey. Turkey has become a flourishing country with a robust economy and beautiful modern structures. It is a pleasure to learn that Turkey has been faithful to its history, ensuring that historic sites have been kept intact and perfectly integrated into the contemporary architecture that defines Turkey in the present. Two of the Seven Wonders of the World are in Turkey, including The Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. It’s an added benefit for tourists to know that Turkey hasn’t lost its beauty or rich history. Turkey has been the home of Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire, and a portion of the Silk Road. There’s no shortage of day trips that take you to the historic sites local to Turkey and uncover the hidden treasures of Turkey.

Most bigger hotels have spa facilities if you’re looking for indulgence. The custom of a Turkish bath is a necessity. The Turkish bath begins with a relaxing space (known as a warm room) which gets heated through a constant flow of dry, hot air, allowing bathers to sweat freely. After washing their bodies with cold water, the bathers can then move to an even hotter room (known as a hot room). After a thorough body wash and getting a massage, bathers can retreat to a cool space for a rest. Taking a Turkish bath at the beginning of your vacation is recommended and can assist you in attaining flawless tanning!

There is a wide range of delicious meals in each resort. The cuisine mix perfectly blends Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean food items. The food is sourced locally, typically every day, which means it is fresh and tastes exactly as it should. There’s a wide selection of chicken, vegetarian lamb, beef, and seafood on the menu. Many restaurants also serve traditional European food items in tourist areas, so whether you’re trying something different or sticking with what you’ve been eating, it’s your choice.

Turkey is a great value for money. The exchange rate in the value of the Turkish Lira compared to USD, Euro or Pound, Euro, or Dollar is remarkable and favorable to visitors. If you plan a trip to Turkey, the money you spend goes higher than other destinations for travel. Food prices are cheap for drinks, leather goods, and all other things…

There are many options to fill up your vacation with the most amazing things to see or do while in Turkey, and there are too many to be seen in one trip to a single resort. We’re certain that following your first trip, you’ll soon be planning your next trip…