Why is dental work is so cheap in Turkey

Patients can save significant money when seeking dental services at a lower cost in Turkey. The prices in Turkey generally aren’t particularly expensive compared to other countries in Europe. However, dental procedures are considerably less expensive than clinics located in Western Europe, North America, and Australia. Patients may be wondering why this is. The lower cost of dental treatment generally means less high-quality service.            But this is not the case with Turkey as a country that has met EU standards. It’s not the case for the services provided at Marmaris Dental Center. In this article, we’ll explain why dental treatment is more affordable in Turkey. One of our dental clinics can be less expensive for those from countries with higher living standards.

Clinic Operational Costs are Low

The reason why dentists in Turkey are affordable is that the total costs of operation, which include laboratory expenses and dentist charges, are less expensive compared to countries like those in the UK and the US. Some estimates suggest that the prices for dentists in Turkey are at least 55 percent less than in Western Europe and the United States. This figure can change, of course, but it is generally easier to manage in Turkey. This means that the savings are passed on directly to patients who don’t need to spend more than in other countries. In Marmaris Dental Center, we ensure that our lower operating expenses will also mean lower costs for our patients.

Currency Exchange Advantage

The costs for most dental procedures, including the brand-named ones, like The All-On-4 Dental Implants, can be expensive anyplace. However, in Turkey, you can get the same procedure for less because of the currency’s exchange rate. It is worth noting that the value of the Turkish Lira is lower than the Sterling pound or US dollar. This means that patients coming from the UK, US, or anywhere else in Europe will lower the cost of similar treatments due to the cost savings resulting from the currency exchange rate.

If you pay with a higher exchange rate, it is mathematically lower for the same service. We offer quotations in three currencies: English Sterling Pound, Euro, and the US. Dollar. You can evaluate the costs and what a procedure could cost at our facility against a similar clinic in your home country. The patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, and even Japan could benefit from cost savings and exchange rates.

No Inflated Third Party Fees

Our laboratory expenses and dental fees are much lower in Turkey than in other countries, along with our clinic’s operating costs. Dentists aren’t charged the same amount as other countries, so our top dentists aren’t as expensive. The fees we pay to our dentists are according to the local standard, and, as a consequence, we can make significant savings for the patients who will take advantage of them. Patients who visit the dentist are often hit by the high cost of third-party lab fees.

At Marmaris Dental Center, we have our dental clinic to make common dental orthodontics, such as braces and crowns. Some of these are contracted to a third-party lab of grade A. Since the cost is in local currency, the total charges are lower than usual. Our clinics and labs charge our patients fairly, and you can anticipate the lowest prices. If you’re worried about the cost of labs making the cost of your final bill increase, it is possible to ease your anxiety with Marmaris Dental Center Clinics.

Traveling to Turkey is Cheaper

Turkey has a flourishing industry of budget tourism. Going to Turkey is much cheaper in comparison to, for instance, going to Spain, Italy, and even Hungary. Everything that a tourist requires, like accommodation and food, is relatively low in Turkey. There are various accommodations options to choose from across the country, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. We will help you locate the most suitable accommodation for your budget.

You can have a great meal at a reasonable price in Turkey because of the variety of inexpensive restaurants and restaurants all over. The local transportation cost is not a problem. We will provide transportation free for an appointment. There’s public transportation in the local area and taxis for local use, not Uber. They are very affordable for visitors. Travel costs to Turkey will not be enough to outweigh the savings you make on the procedures you’ll be undergoing. The cost of travel is minimal compared to the thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds you’ll save on the procedures.

Free Services

The best way to reduce your costs further is the clinics’ complimentary services. We provide complimentary transport to appointments and free airport transfers, which can reduce your travel expenses locally low. In addition, your initial consultation with a dental professional is also absolutely free. The initial diagnosis will be addressed during the initial consultation. It could cost you hundreds of pounds or dollars elsewhere; however, you can offer this service at no cost at our clinic.

Certain diagnostic tools that can cost hundreds of dollars to the cost of your dental treatment can be refunded since we provide free panoramic x-rays as well as 3D scans. These diagnostic tools aren’t necessarily required; however, dentists in countries such as the US charge high prices for these tools if they are required. We don’t cost more if an x-ray or a 3D scan is required in our practice.

No Extra Charges

A majority of what you spend goes towards what you need to do. For instance, if you visit to create a tooth crown, the bulk of the money you pay will go towards sculpting the crown instead of on dental charges, lab charges, or any other expenses. In some countries, such as the US, the cost of additional charges can quickly mount up due to the presence of assistants, insurance claims and equipment rentals or diagnostic scans, and the list goes on. Because we don’t charge diagnostic scans or costs associated with care, patients can benefit from incredibly low costs. It is possible to save hundreds or even thousands on treatment.

It is possible to compare the costs for our facility and one in your home country by requesting an exact estimate.