Are You Being Conned, about Smile Design

Smile Design is a fantastic option for cosmetic dentistry. It appears that nearly every dental practice claims to provide it, however.

Are they?

Dentistry has advanced in the last few years, and many patients are currently searching the web for dentists who specialize in Smile Design. Therefore, it appears that nearly every dental practice is providing some Smile Design or Digital Smile Design; however, don’t be fooled by the term “smile design” as you might be surprised and even disappointed by what it signifies.

It is essential to keep in mind: Most Smile Design Software will only show the patient an image of what is possible and not the exact nature of what is produced or created.

The so-called Smile Design The program is now available to all dental clinics as an online program that costs hundreds of pounds and is accessible at all clinics. This is the primary reason every dental clinic now boasts of having this service! There are Smile Design products in the form of mobile apps which allow you to become a Smile Design Technician after 10 minutes of online “training,” but you are aware that you’re not a licensed dental technician, do you? Today, Smile Design is something you can do at home using your smartphone. Include a filter to get bigger eyebrows or a fresh pair of false eyelashes!

A picture on an electronic screen is not enough. It’s not an official Dental Smile Design.

The inexpensive Smile Design software is available to everyone and can be used for nothing. The result is no relation to what’s displayed shown on the screen unless Smile Design technology is connected to an in-clinic milling machine. If the clinic uses Smile Design but does not have Smile Design, but they do not have a CAD/CAD milling machine, the picture is evaluated by an outside lab, and a dental technician attempts to create the same tooth shape using hand. In essence, the final result of the work created will not be identical to the one you’ve accepted within your Smile Design program.

We’re saying that When there isn’t any technology that can make dental Crowns or Veneers in the clinic, there’s no Smile Design!

Smile Design or Digital Smile Design is currently being utilized on many dentistry websites as a promotion tool to draw more customers. Don’t be enticed to pay more to purchase Crowns or Veneers using ‘Smile Design’ when purchasing the standard Crown or Veneer designed by an outside lab.

Ask the appropriate questions before you make an appointment.

The first thing you should know is whether the dental clinic has an in-house lab and a CAD/CAM milling machine? The official Smile Design technology ensures the Dental Technicians design the correct tooth shape based on your gum line and arch to ensure that the shape is in line with your preferences and that the bite is suitable for your particular jaw’s contour. After the design phase is completed, you’ll be able to observe the teeth being milled on the milling machines in the clinic. Once it is created, a single restoration is milled at the clinic in less than 10 minutes. The official Smile Design, where it does what is stated on the tin, costs thousands of euros for the entire technological suite. The clinic requires a specialized Dental Technicians team trained to utilize them.

Only one world-leading company in real Smile Design – Dentsply by Sirona.

We have a”VIP” Marmaris facility is outfitted with Sirona technology:

Sirona virtual 3D smile design in Lab CAD. Whether Crowns, Veneers and Inlays, Onlays and Bridges are given the choice of what indications you would like to create.

The Sirona Eos X5 scanner ensures that dental scans are made with a precision of 0.0021 millimetres… It is impossible to be more precise than that!

2. Sircona inLab MC 2 XL CAD/CAM milling machines, which allows us to cut and mill CEREC and e.max restorations within the clinic as per the computer’s design.

According to the computer-generated design, Sirona inLab MCX5 milling machine CAD/CAM allows us to mill or cut zirconium restorations itself.

Sirona’s entire HTC speed furnace to bake the cut restoration.

The Sirona Smile Design and CEREC CAD/CAM technology at the”VIP” Marmaris practice is the world’s most renowned Smile Design system, and we have invested a significant amount in ensuring that we provide our patients with only the highest quality of care and we’re capable of delivering on our promises.

In essence: Marmaris Dental Center provides real Smile Design.

Most dental clinics now offer dental CEREC or e.max Veneers & Crowns; however, the preparation of the teeth for these is different from the conventional material (Metal Ceramic or Zirconium), so the Cosmetic Dentist should be skilled in the preparation of dental teeth to receive CEREC and e.max restorations. These restorations were created using an official Smile Design software coupled to an in-clinic computer milling machine or CAM for optimal results. It is unnecessary to pay extra to get CEREC or e.max when an outside laboratory creates them. At our clinic, which is a Marmaris Clinic, this procedure for Smile Design is available if you decide to go with CEREC and e.max restorations, and in certain instances, Zirconium. The new restorations are created according to your preferences of the shape of your tooth and requirements for your dentist. The final design is being wirelessly transmitted to the Sirona CNC/CAM equipment for each tooth that will be milled with precision following the design specifications.

In Turkey, a dental practice must operate an on-site lab; they must be a Centre, not a typical dentistry clinic or polyclinic. Obtaining a license for this isn’t simple, and you must conduct numerous inspections before certificates can be issued. It would help to inquire whether you’re visiting an ordinary Polyclinic or Centre. If the clinic you visit is not one of the Centres, you should be aware that they do not hold the license to host on-site a laboratory. What are the advantages of Smile Design by Sirona?

Design precision

Accuracy of measurement

Design translation that is precise to the final product

Accuracy of the function

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Supported by the top makers of dental restorations.

What questions should you ask a dentist who claims to offer Smile Design?

Do you have a laboratory on-site? If yes, what several Dental Technicians do your dental clinic employ and what kind of experience and education does each have?

Can you provide Sirona CERECCADor CAM milling machines so I can see my teeth being milled in the clinic?

Can you use an InLab MCXL to cut out our Zirconium restores at your facility?

If you don’t, it isn’t receiving Smile Design at all… A computer image that can never be real.