Dental Treatment and Sex

Okay, so you’re looking at that title on this blog post, “Let’s talk about sex,” and you are wondering what it is doing on the dental blog… You comprehend the reasoning behind it, but let me tell you.

The concept of a title that bold was appealing, but the substance goes further than the title!

*We have used a fake client name (Alexi) to serve the purpose of this blog post.

A couple of weeks ago, Alexi, a female patient, told us about how her husband’s teeth had destroyed their sexual lives in a private chat. Alexi talked about the subject while her husband was sitting in the chair in the dental clinic. Alexi explained that their marriage was affected because she did not want to intimate her husband.

Alexi stated that for the past four years, she’d avoided intimate moments with her husband because his teeth looked ugly as well as his breath was foul because of tooth decay. Alexi was reluctant to confront him about the issue’s root, and she found other reasons. Did not want to upset him. In a recent heart to soul conversation, her husband asked her to confirm if she was involved in an affair she strongly denied. Alexi realized it was the right time, to tell the truth about her feelings. She was afraid of the long-term family issues that could arise, should she not?

Alexi acknowledged that her husband’s dental health caused her Libido. The husband was happy and, despite being frightened of dentists, he contacted several dental clinics on the next day to find out what was possible to restore his teeth. Alexi stated that normally, she had to take care of all arrangements for her husband’s behalf, but this time! Her husband stayed up for two days making appointments with clinics before setting up an appointment for treatment.

After 9 days, they are back in the clinic to address the cause of the issue!

After talking to Alexi after the conversation, I looked online to determine if this was a common problem. It might be. However, I can assure you that there is no discussion about it on the internet. It’s a delicate and private issue, and for the wife who cannot talk to her husband, I’m not surprised there isn’t a lot of openness to the millions of people who browse the internet.

I requested Alexi to write about her story on our blog, and she was thrilled to let us share their story. In the beginning, I wanted to look more deeply into the relationship between dental hygiene and sexual. I’m happy that I did because I could add some information and figures to this piece.

I discovered evidence that suggests a link between how poor dental health may impact erectile dysfunction. A study conducted by the Inonu University in Turkey evaluated their periodontal condition in men who were between the ages of 30 and 40.

Eighty of them had Erectile dysfunction, while the remaining 82 did not.

The health of the periodontal system was assessed by the buildup of plaque and the amount that tooth bled and decay, and missing teeth.

Men diagnosed with chronic Periodontitis had 3.29 percent more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Chronic Periodontitis is described as gingival tissues that are inflamed due to bacteria. Researchers believe this might be related to endothelial dysfunction, a precursor to Erectile dysfunction.

Men with existing issues like diabetes or heart disease were not included in the study, as were men who smoke.

It is thought that treating Periodontitis can increase endothelial function and consequently improve erectile dysfunction.

In 2011, Indian researchers discovered that the more gum condition, the more severe the erectile issue. This study appeared in the Journal of Periodontology and involved 70 men. Research has also suggested that gum disease can inhibit the production of a chemical known as Nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and increases penis blood flow. Researchers think that inflammation caused by gum disease can decrease levels of Nitric Oxide.

In conclusion, there are many ways that bad oral health can impact your sexual life. It can make you less attractive to your lover, or you might have a problem with the way you use your heart-shaped parts.

Nearly %80 patients are fear to go to the dental office; however, the husband of Alexi’s schedules an appointment immediately to resolve the issue. The rest is history…