Why do people travel to Turkey for a dentist?

Thousands of people travel to another nation to receive the most advanced dental care every year. This is due to the cost-intensive nature associated with dentistry in the countries they reside in. Dental expenses are excluded from health insurance for many advanced Western European countries. This is why the residents in Western countries travel towards Eastern Europe and Turkey to get the same treatment that is more affordable.

Even though the statistics concerning dental travel could differ according to international organizations, it is now an industry worth millions of dollars each year.

As per the Visa Company, an average of 11 million people travel to another country each year for various reasons, including treatments for teeth, hair transplants, and aesthetics. In Eurostat’s 2016 study, 3.7percent of the European Union’s 513 million people said they could not afford dental treatment because of financial issues. One of the main reasons is that people prefer countries with lower costs because dental care isn’t covered by health insurance, or even a portion of them are insured.

Eastern European countries lead in the number of dentists per person.

Based on the database of 2016, There are more than 360 thousand dentists in EU countries. Greece, Bulgaria, and Southern Cyprus are among the top Western European countries in the number of dentists per population. There are 123 dentists to every 100 thousand inhabitants in Greece and Bulgaria, the ratio stands at 112 for Bulgaria, and the rate is 104 for Southern Cyprus.

There are 26000 dentists in Turkey and 33 dentists every 100,000 people. In comparison to European nations, Turkey has the lowest percentage of dentists per person in the world, following Serbia and Poland.

Turkey is among the most sought-after nations around the globe for health tourism.

According to a study carried out by Global. Healthcare Resources in 2016, the top countries for health tourism are the United States of America, Germany, England, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. According to the same study, the top countries attracting the largest number of foreign patients include Turkey, the United States of America, Germany, and Turkey.

Apart from Turkey, Eastern European countries like Hungary have begun to appear as stars rising in health tourism. Hungary has been a part of the European Union Parliament and Council improving the rights to the healthcare of patients in those countries that are members of the union in 2013 and adopting measures to ease access to healthcare in another country by reducing the disparities between nations that pushed the citizens of other countries to pay less for healthcare in Eastern European countries.

Additionally, it is intended to lessen the differences in employment between countries that have the law that permits medical school diplomas graduates to be accepted in all EU member states. Dental cosmetics is one of the most sought-after dental procedures for foreign patients who favour our country due to dental tourism.

Why Dental Treatment in Turkey?

The number of people coming to Turkey to receive dental care is growing each day. Alongside the top nations of Europe, Patients come from numerous first-world countries, including Turkey, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Arabian Peninsula, as well being able to discover the beauty of Turkey close while receiving dental treatments, which draws the attention of clients. One of the primary reasons for this is that. Turkey provides many advantages to customers from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, and those from the United States of America and certain Arabic countries. In particular, foreign customers often favour treatments like zirconium, implants, teeth whitening, cosmetic teeth filling, laminate veneer, and root canal therapy. The high price of dental treatments in other countries is among the main reasons Turkey is a preferred destination in dental procedures.

Best Dental Procedures

Accredited hospitals equipped with the most recent technologies are among the most prominent main reasons to choose our country to receive dental care. Our hospitals are accredited through the Ministry of Health, built using a set of standards that enhance the management of health care services and the quality of the care.

We are dental clinics in Turkey. We serve patients from across the globe with high-quality polyclinics, which are in line with international standards.

Best Cosmetic Dentist Turkey

One of the main reasons patients from across the globe choose Turkey is because of its dentists, who are experts in their field and have decades of experience. Patients who would like to be treated by the finest dentists with the highest quality of care throughout their treatment choose Turkey. Dental Clinic Turkey hosts the most skilled dentists with years of expertise and experience in their field.

Best Dental Treatment

Dental procedures are among the most costly procedures available in many areas across the globe. On the contrary side, Turkey is among the nations where patients can receive top-quality treatment for lower costs and charges. This is why many foreign patients prefer having dental care in Turkey.

In addition to the qualified and effective treatment provided by specialists, when many customers visit Turkey, there is more than only about the dental procedure; at the same time, they also have the chance to take in the beautiful sights of Turkey more intimately.

Patients who travel to Turkey to seek dental treatments through Marmaris Dental Center have the chance to have a wonderful vacation in Turkey to get medical treatment as part of a Marmaris tour. With all-inclusive treatments and holiday concepts, your vacation is made more pleasurable.

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