How should I maintain my teeth after whitening?

Keeping your teeth’s color after a successful teeth-whitening surgery is essential. Your teeth have microscopic pores all over them despite their outward appearance of being firm and smooth. This enables colored food and beverage additives to stain your teeth from the inside out. Your teeth may already be porous before you get them professionally whitened. For the first 48 hours, staying away from substances that could discolor your teeth is crucial.

What can you do to maintain white teeth?

The most crucial time frame is the first 48 hours following your treatment. After receiving professional teeth whitening, you can smile freely following these instructions.

1. Steer clear of drinks, including coffee, red wine, fruit juice, dark carbonated beverages, beer, and black tea that cause stains on clothing.

2. Clear dark sauces because they will seriously stain your teeth. Soy sauce, red pasta sauce, and BBQ sauce are a few examples of these sauces.

3- After teeth whitening, you should only consume foods that are light in color. Cauliflower, milk, pasta, rice, white cream sauces, eggs, whitefish, feta cheese, skinless chicken breast, bean curd, peeled potatoes, white yogurt, and clear coconut water are some examples of foods that fit this criterion and may be beneficial after therapy.

4-Avoid foods that are acidic or sour. Orange, lemon, or other citrus flavors are examples of acidic foods. Your enamel may get weakened by the sour flavor.

5- Consider using a straw to consume juices or other beverages that discolor your teeth. Because of this, the liquid won’t touch your teeth.

Avoid foods that are hot or cold. Your teeth will become more sensitive after the whitening procedure. In general, you should steer clear of extremely hot or cold food. Toothpaste explicitly made for sensitive teeth will aid in easing any potential discomfort.

7- Regularly brush your teeth. To maintain your teeth’s finest appearance after teeth whitening, wash and floss your teeth frequently. It would help if you kept them white since you spent the time and effort to bleach them. To keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible, start brushing them away after consuming meals that can discolor them.

8. One week after the procedure, use whitening toothpaste. Your teeth will be slightly more sensitive and porous after the operation. As a result, you ought to refrain from using these items following bleaching. However, you can keep your teeth white by whitening toothpaste once the sensitivity disappears. You’ll see that it stays whiter longer if you include this in your daily regimen than conventional toothpaste.

Stay away from foods that discolor teeth for as long as possible after the first 48 hours. How long will this significantly impact the effects of your treatment? The more quickly you fall back into old habits that stain your teeth, the more you’ll see the brightness of your teeth fading. Your teeth whitening procedure may take up to 6 months or up to 1 year if you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Do Teeth Whitening Procedures Harm Your Teeth?

You don’t need to be concerned about harming your teeth by scheduling too many treatments because professional teeth whitening does not remove tooth enamel. However, unsupervised home treatments can harm your teeth; with time, different issues like sensitivity may arise.

Which teeth are resistant to bleaching?

Because of wear and tear, enamel thins with age, exposing the dentin layer below the tooth structure. The technique is useless because tooth whitening treatments cannot lighten dentin, which is naturally yellowish.

When teeth have fillings or crowns, can they still be whitened?

A visible crown or filling will not lighten with the rest of your teeth if it is present. The materials utilized are not porous like actual teeth. Thus, they won’t be able to absorb the whitening gel, which is why this is the case. Be sure to keep this in mind if you want to prevent color variations after bleaching.

Dentists Recommend Products for Whitening Teeth

Before receiving whitening therapy, Dr. Fatih advises patients to get a comprehensive dental examination and cleaning. You’ll get even more stunning teeth-whitening effects if your teeth are clean because they can better absorb whitening solutions.

Additionally, our dentists will give you some home whitening trays. These work in concert and prolong the results of the initial surgery; however, if you have tooth sensitivity, it might be best to wait if possible. If you frequently consume colored beverages and foods, you might want to use trays at home every six months. A tray ought to last several days. Fill the tray with the whitening gel, then place it in your mouth for one to two hours. However, limit yourself to up to two touch-ups every session.

To arrange a teeth cleaning or professional teeth whitening procedure with our cosmetic dentist, call or message us online.